Youth Advisors

The Youth Advisors meet regularly with YaM’s Director Sandra Cortesi to advice her on research and strategic initiatives.

Sam Daitzman

Sam Daitzman is a designer and software engineer currently studying at F.W. Olin College of Engineering. She focuses on issues of context, ethics and design justice in learning and engineering. At Olin, she co-founded PInT, a growing student-led organization that cultivates pathways and opportunities for Olin’s students to engage with and grow their skills in Public Interest Technology, social justice, and activism.

Cecilia Martin

Quinn Robinson

Quinn Robinson is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying English and Economics. He is particularly interested in the ways language, labor, and the internet intersect. At Penn, he serves as the Deputy Design Editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian, Under Secretary-General of ILMUNC, and as volunteer tech support for community nonprofits in the West Philly area.