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Internet Safety Technical Task Force Final Report (2009)

Internet and the Public at Large (2002), p. 41 et seq.

Eurobarometer: Safer Internet (EU)(2006)

Livingstone: UK Children Go Online (UK) (2005), p. 22 et seq.

Safety Awareness Fact Tools: Public Report (2004)

Most teens say they've met strangers online (2006)

Children talking to childLine about the internet (2005)

The Appropriation of New Media by Youth (2006) [childrens' safety depends largely on their own actions]

NZZ Artikel: Im Gruselkabinett der Phisher, Script-Kiddies und PC-Zombies (2006)

MySpace Developing Parental Notification, Anick Jesdanun, AP (2007)

Say Everything, New York Magazine (2007)

Online freedom and safety for children (S. Livingstone, 2001)

A Rape in Cyberspace (J. Dibbell, 1993)

A Rape in Second Life ("Virtual Rape is Traumatic, But is it a Crime?,") WIRED, 2007

The Bad Boys of Cyberspace: Deviant Behavior in Online Multimedia Communities and Strategies for Managing It (Suler, 1998)

YOUNG PEOPLES USE OF CHAT ROOMS: Implications for policy strategies and programs of education. (2001)

Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation's Youth, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Survey (2000)

Beijing opens boot camp for Net addicts (CNN, 2007)

Choosing Not to Go Down the Not-so-good Cyberstreets (Willard, 2000)

Challenging Online Behaviors of Youth: Findings from a Comparative Analysis of Young People and New Zealand (Berson, 2005)

Social Networking and Age Verification: Many Hard Questions; No Easy Solutions (Thierer, 2007)

Why MySpace Is SafeSpace (Forbes, 2007)

Pew 2007: Teens, Privacy & Online Social Networks

Don't Tell Your Parents: Schools Embrace MySpace (Wired, 2007)

Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What? (boyd, 2007)

Stranger Danger? Online Safety (Willard, 2007)

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying: An old problem in a new guise? (2005)

Internet Gives Teenage Bullies Weapons to Wound From Afar (NY Times, 2004)

Emerging risks of violence in the digital age: lessons for educators from an online study of adolescent girls in the United States (2002)

I can’t see you—you can’t see me: How the use of information and communication technologies can impact responsible behavior (2004)

Cyberbullying Article on (2007)

For teen daters, a cellphone can be an abusive leash (2007)

Website that gives tips to parents, teachers, students on cyber bullying

Technology Magnifies Teen Dating Abuse, According To Survey (2007)

Getting to Know You: Using Hostility to Reduce Anonymity in Online Communication (Lange, 2006)

States Seek Laws to Curb Online Bullying (2007)

You Wanna Take This Online? (Time article, 2005)

NPR story with Clemson researcher Robin Kowalski

Cyber-Bullying: Developing Policy to Direct Responses that are Equitable and Effective in Addressing this Special Form of Bullying (2006)

Cyberbullying Research Report (ppt), National Crime Prevention Council 2006

Cyberbullying: An Emerging Threat to the Always On Generation (Belsey, 2005)

Cyberbullying Legislation and School Policies: Where are the Boundaries of the “Schoolhouse Gate” in the New Virtual World? (Willard, 2007)

Cyberbullying and Online Teens (Pew, 2007)

Online Pornography

Kids at Greater Risk of Seeing Internet Porn than Ever (2007)

Kid Receives New Computer with Porn (2006)

Unwanted and Wanted Exposure to Online Pornography (2007)

US Kids subjected to more online porn (2006)

Australian Filtering Scheme, 2006 Press Release

"Politics of Fear"

The Moral Panic over Social-Networking Sites (Technology Review, 2006)

Wikipedia page on Deleting Online Predators Act

Flickr + Libraries = Scary, Scary, Scary to Some Folks (2006 - focuses on the positives of using Flickr)

News Corp., MySpace Sued in Assault Cases, CNet (2007)

Parents Sue MySpace Over Child Assaults, MarketingVOX (2007)

Judge dismisses suit against MySpace stemming from alleged sex assault (2007)

John Bracken on the AGs threatening MySpace

Safety Tips

FTC website - Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens

Polly Klaas: Internet Safety: Realistic Strategies & Messages for Kids Taking more Risks Online (undated)

Website - Tips for Teens and Parents on How to Use Safely and Responsibly

Microsoft Parent's Guide to Online Safety: Ages and Stages



Internet Safety Tips

Kidz Privacy (FTC)

Safe Kids Worldwide - site for teens, parents, educators

Anti-Bullying Alliance - Advice for parents, youth, and educators on bullying

Bullying. No way! - Website created by Australian educational communities

Be Web Aware - Canadian website/tips for parents

Cyber Tipline (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

Childnet International

Checklist for Parents for Mobile Phone Use (Childnet International)

Social Networking Sites: A Guide for Teens (from YALSA)