Content Production

[Last updated: May 2020]

Content Production: The ability to produce (digital) content using (digital) tools.

Many young people use digital technologies to create and share content with others online. Some youth, for example, share status updates or post videos and pictures on their social media accounts. Other youth – those on the more active end of the spectrum who have the access to digital technologies and skills to use them – engage in podcasting, blogging, coding, or other forms of multimedia production. Such forms of content creation offer young people opportunities to express themselves, develop their creativity, and make their voices heard.

Main publication:

  • Born Digital: How Children Grow Up in a Digital Age (Chapter 6: Creators)

Key learning resources:

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To learn about how to navigate our Digital Citizenship+ (Plus) Resource Platform — home to an evolving collection of 100+ educational tools (e.g., learning experiences, visualizations, podcasts) that can be used to learn and teach about youth’s digitally connected lives — please see the following slidedeck, presented at RightsCon Tunis 2019. The presentation also offers helpful tips in terms of adapting the tools to your context.

Other publications:

Gasser, U., & Cortesi, S. (2017). Children’s rights and digital technologies: Introduction to the discourse and some meta-observations. In M. D. Ruck, M. Peterson-Badali & M. Freeman (Eds.), Handbook of children’s rights: Global and multidisciplinary perspectives (417-436). New York: Routledge.