Exploring Children’s Digital Safety in Developing Nations

“Exploring Children’s Digital Safety in Developing Nations” was an invitation-only interdisciplinary workshop held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 4th and 5th, 2010. The conference was organized by the Youth and Media project at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Digital Media and Learning Hub.

Thus, continuing the work done in the Youth and Media project and UNICEF’s exploratory study “Working Towards a Deeper Understanding of Digital Safety for Children and Young People in Developing Nations,” the Youth and Media project organized a meeting of a diverse group of experts from policy, government, research, academia, and advocacy to discuss how to move forward with research programs and developing policy interventions.

We conducted exit interviews with some participants to get their thoughts about the importance of this topic and the outcome of the conference. A selection of these videos are posted below.


Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda, UNICEF


Carlos Gregorio, Researcher at IIJusticia (Research Institute for Justice of Argentina)


Nishant Shah, Director of Research at the Centre for Internet and Society


Thiago Tavares Nunes de Oliveira, President of SaferNet Brazil