Youth and Media Network

The Youth and Media Network consists of close friends, collaborators, and trusted voices that bring insight from vantage points in law, communication, journalism, youth development, and social justice work, among other areas, to critically inform the direction of Youth and Media. The diversity of the members’ perspectives suits the style of Youth and Media – eclecticism is a key feature of our intellectual and programmatic agenda. We strive to complete a feedback loop between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, all while empowering youth to direct our research and teaching efforts. As such, diverse voices and insights shed much insight on how to integrate and realize our goals. The Network currently includes:

Jeigh Billingy

Jeigh Billingy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified School Social Worker. Jeigh completed studies as an Emergency Medical Technician. Jeigh then obtained a dualist practice Masters of Social Work with an emphasis in Trauma and Emergency Management. Jeigh works therapeutically with at- risk and traumatized youth and families. She develops skill based psychoeducational groups and workshops relating to wellness and well-being with a diverse and cultural lens. Jeigh also founded and runs a non-profit that merges content and media creation with therapeutic intervention. Jeigh is passionate about youth, trauma, and media education. Jeigh works from a grassroots level to engage multicultural and culturally relevant community strategies for intervention, representation, and social justice with a trauma focused lens.

Ana Castillo

Ana Castillo is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Communication and Image of the University of Chile. Ana’s research work is at the intersection of digital technologies, education and the future of work, At the University, Ana co-leads the Artificial Intelligence and Society Hub (IA+SIC), which is a collaborative initiative that aims to better understand, from an ethical and human rights perspective, the possible impacts of AI on communities and society at large.

Mischa Liatowitsch

Mischa Liatowitsch is a child and youth engagement expert who has over a decade’s worth of experience working with the United Nations. Most recently, he worked with UNICEF in New York where he led educational programs focusing on digital literacy and citizenship. Concerned about the global rise of online bullying and hate speech, Mischa is passionate about promoting a culture of dialogue, understanding, and collaboration – online and offline. Mischa holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Geneva and an M.B.A. from Business School Lausanne.

Sabelo Mhlambi

Sabelo's work is at the intersection of ethics, technology, and human rights with a focus on the global south and racialized communities. His research on ubuntu ethics advocates for meaningful inclusion and participation of youth and children. More information about Sabelo can be found here: