Videos By and About the Summer Interns 2012

The Youth and Media Lab’s 2012 Summer Interns and core team members are introduced outside on the Harvard Law School campus. A short video with the faces and names of each of the YaM members.

The Summer Interns discuss what they like about youth, media and technology, why they think it’s important to study youth and the Internet, and their future plans.

The Summer Interns speak about what technology has inspired them to create.

The Summer Interns discuss their summer projects. The leaders of each team give an overview and update of what they worked on during their internship with the Youth and Media team. Topics include curriculum modules, focus group outputs, information quality and news content creation, information quality and health, information quality case studies, fair use tools,  and media production.

The Youth and Media 2012 Summer Interns are interviewed and asked about their favorite parts of the summer, their initial expectations, what they learned, and how their summers turned out.

The Summer Interns wrap up the summer in style, displaying their awesome dance moves in their parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”