During a summer at Youth and Media, summer interns will contribute to various research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth and technology. By understanding young people‘s interactions with digital media, YaM aims to gain project detailed insights — in a highly collaborative way — into youth media practices and digital fluencies, harness the associated opportunities, address challenges, and ultimately shape the evolving regulatory and educational framework in a way that advances the public interest.

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For 2017, we are looking for candidates that:

  1. Have interest and experience in qualitative research methods to assist with analyzing focus group and one-on-one interviews around topics of privacy, the digital economy, and artificial intelligence, youth use of the Internet in developing countries, and new ways of learning,
  2. Master various types of writing (grant writing, memo writing, report writing, newsletter writing, literature review, and so on) and editing,
  3. Are interested in developing curricular material (e.g. modules) and other learning tools (e.g. games), and
  4. Ideally have experience in graphic design, coding, and/or media production.

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  • Interns 2010
  • Interns 2011
  • Interns 2012
  • Interns 2014
  • Interns 2015