Teaching and Outreach

Over the last few years, the YaM team has produced an evolving collection of tools that enable people (e.g., youth, educators, parents) to learn more about topics such as digital privacy, digital citizenship, and STEM interest and career exploration through digital spaces. These tools aim to equip people with knowledge about connected learning environments, empower youth to make better choices, and support adults in teaching, parenting, and giving valuable guidance.

Across these efforts, we aim to:

1) Co-design with youth

In the educational space, youth are often viewed as the consumers, versus active users and co-creators, of learning and educational materials. We attempt to overcome this dichotomy by involving young people in the co-design process of learning experiences.

2) Design for different audiences

We currently design educational resources for both educators and youth. We aim to expand our reach by also creating educational materials for parents and caregivers.

3) Leverage the BKC network

In collaboration with interns, staff, and fellows we have create learning resources on a wide array of thematic areas, from freedom of expression to cybersecurity to the intersection between law and virtual reality. We have also collaborated with the Cyberlaw Clinic in the creation of learning and educational materials about copyright, fair use, and privacy.

4) Develop content in much needed areas

Over the last several years, the YaM+ team has produced over 100 educational resources. Initially, we focussed on information quality, privacy, safety (e.g., cyberbullying), and creative expression but more recently we are exploring additional areas of youth life based on the Digital Citizenship+ mapping.

  • Learning Experiences
  • Workshops
  • Digital Literacy Resource Platform
  • Fair Use Resources
  • Curricular Modules