Online Conversations

Are you between the ages of 12 to 18? Are you passionate about sharing your perspectives? We believe your voice matters!

We are looking for young people like you to share your thoughts about digital technologies (e.g., mobile phones, social media platforms like TikTok) and different areas of life. Our Youth and Media (YaM) team is researching your opinions on well-being, friends and communities that support you, how you learn in and out of school, and how COVID has changed your day-to-day life.

We would love for you to join our conversation! Here are a few details about it.

When and how:

  • Sometime in April or May.
  • Conversations will last 45 minutes over the free Zoom application.
  • While we encourage you to video call into the conversation, if you have Internet connection issues, you’re, of course, welcome to phone call in.
  • The number of young people like you part of the conversation may range from two to 20.


  • We hope the conversation will be fun 🙂 Depending on the number of young people like yourself joining, we may have a mix of large- and small-group discussion and some quick surveys.
    • You can skip any questions you’d like — everything is totally voluntary.
  • During the conversation, we would love to learn your thoughts about questions like:
    • How is “well-being” different or similar to being physically and/or mentally healthy?
    • What types of communities and online and offline spaces, like gaming platforms and social media (e.g., Twitch, Instagram) or school, affect your well-being?
    • Let’s imagine it’s the year 2030. How will we learn about health information?


  • A lot of discussion about well-being is from the perspective of adults. We believe it’s so important to include your voices!
  • That is why we would love to learn more about how you think about well-being so that educational policies and programs around well-being can be more relevant and engaging to your interests and backgrounds.

Protecting Your Information:

  • All information you share with us will be anonymous; we do not collect any names of young people part of our conversations.
  • In any outputs from the conversations, like blog posts or reports, there will be no way to track any information you share with us back to you.

YaM Team Members:

I’m interested in participating! What’s next?

  • Please share this page with your group leader or local organizer so they can learn more.
  • Your group leader/local organizer can reach our team by emailing the Director of YaM, Sandra Cortesi, at
  • If you have questions about the conversation, please don’t hesitate to email us! Feel free to reach out to Sandra at