Workshop with the TechGirls: Creativity in Online Spaces, July 7th, 2012, Washington, D.C.

For its first peer teaching/learning workshop of Summer 2012, the YaM Lab team also took its first trip of the summer. The team left Cambridge for Washington, D.C. to meet the 25 participants of the TechGirls program after much anticipation. TechGirls is a State Department initiative and international exchange program designed to empower young girls to pursue careers in the science and technology sectors, and which works with girls who excel in and are passionate about science and tech. Although the Lab is itself, at times, a place of international and cross-cultural exchange, the exchange session with the girls from 10 different countries in the Middle East and North Africa offered much to explore and share in the zone of online creativity, kindness, and empowerment. During the workshop, the team tested out the first original curricular module developed over the summer, Creativity in Online Spaces. You can read about the experience from the State Department, too.