Digital (Literacy)

[Last updated: May 2020]

Digital (Literacy): The ability to use the Internet and other digital tools and platforms effectively to find, interact with, evaluate, create, and reuse information (Palfrey & Gasser, 2016). The ability to comprehend and work through conceptual problems in digital spaces (Carretero, Vuorikari, & Punie, 2017).

We encourage you to visit our page on “Digital Citizenship,” which features more information about the skills we feel are important for youth to fully participate academically, socially, ethically, politically, and economically in our rapidly evolving digital world.

Flagship publication:

Key learning resources:

  • Creating a Resume
  • Social Media and Sharing
  • Online Presence
  • Passwords
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Cybersecurity, Phishing, and Spam

These learning resources (with the exception of “Creating a Resume”) are available in over 35 languages! To view the translations, for each resource, please scroll down to “All Languages.” Additional languages will be added over time.

To learn about how to navigate our Digital Citizenship+ (Plus) Resource Platform — home to an evolving collection of 100+ educational tools (e.g., learning experiences, visualizations, podcasts) that can be used to learn and teach about youth’s digitally connected lives — please see the following slidedeck, presented at RightsCon Tunis 2019. The presentation also offers helpful tips in terms of adapting the tools to your context.