Interns 2010

Hannah Deresiewicz

Hannah Deresiewicz is a rising sophomore at Columbia University where she is studying political science and sociology. Hannah is particularly interested in the ways – both positive and negative – that technology intersects with society, for example facilitating the processes of community organizing and social justice. She is interested in the legal implications of technology and free speech: how can the use of technology legally be curtailed so as to limit communication between members of potentially dangerous groups without also curtailing communication among members of similarly far-flung communities whose cohesion society might wish to foster? At Berkman, Hannah is focusing primarily on issues of youth behavior online, working to understand the extent of youth involvement in the digital environment and the nature of this new world.

Djordje Krivokapic

Djordje Krivokapic is coming from Serbia and Montenegro where he is involved in childrens rights and youth policy work. Djordje’s work at the Berkman Center – Youth Policy Group is primarily related to children and youth’s digital safety in developing countries.

In Serbia, Djordje is an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, where he teaches courses on Business Law and IT Law. Before holding this faculty position, Djordje was employed as an legal associate at Karanovic & Nikolic Law Office, the leading commercial law office in Southeast Europe, where he was involved in numerous successful transactions and projects in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before joining Karanovic & Nikolic, Djordje graduated with a degree in law from the University of Belgrade and then received an LL.M. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Djordje is currently enrolled in his second year of a PhD program at the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade, with a focus on Private International Law and Internet Law. Djordje is currently exploring choice of law rules applicable in cases of international privacy breach over the Internet.

Sunanda Vaidheesh

Originally from Mumbai, India, Sunanda Vaidheesh is currently pursuing her B.A. at Grinnell College, in Iowa; she is majoring in sociology with a concentration in global development studies. Her research interests lie at the intersection of the fields of education and technology. Specifically, she hopes to explore the possibilities for ed-tech access and integration in low-income settings and in developing countries. Sunanda is also interested in both the policy and identity implications of youth behavior online, and is thus working on the Youth & Information Quality literature review and the Born Digital media project with the Youth Policy team at the Berkman Center this summer.

Andri Tai-Ward

Andri Tai-Ward is currently a third-year undergrad student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA where she is studying Sociology and Urban and Environmental Policy. As another Digital Native, she is interested in the intersection of the Internet and technology with social justice issues, community empowerment, the arts, and urban youth cultures.