Damola Morenikeji

Damola Morenikeji is an adventurous social entrepreneur and futurist interested in the future of education and governance leveraging technology and values-based leadership. He is joining the Youth and Media / AI team to work on the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Public Good. He is optimistic about the potentials of young people to combine innate creativity and emerging technologies to create moonshot solutions to challenges faced by people at the bottom of the pyramid. Prior now, he had been pitch battle finalist at Stanford’s Technology Entrepreneurship MOOC in December 2016 for co-founding an AI-based coaching bot, and had since 2009 contributed to several initiatives – evolving around education, governance, technology, social innovation and youth development – through training, research, human-centred design and strategy development. He has contributed to policy development at various platforms, including the World Economic Forum.

Damola earned his first degree from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Nigeria and has been a recipient of a few fellowships and awards. He enjoys learning, growing and exploring. More about Damola can be found on his website [www.damolamorenikeji.com].