Skyler Sallick

Skyler Sallick is a rising sophomore at Claremont McKenna College looking to major in Philosophy and Public Affairs, with an emphasis on tech policy and ethics. During her first undergraduate year, Skyler pioneered a project with Shared_Studio’s Portal Project, as a student initiative aiming to bring Portal technology to Claremont in 2019. A recent graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, Skyler spent much of high school as the Founder and Director of the Andover Satellite Editorial Board for the award-winning, global, online magazine, KidSpirit, that explores the ways in which the internet connects youth voices around the world on meaningful topics. Additionally, she had several articles published through the magazine, including one in the Huffington Post entitled The Basic Intricacies of Kindness and Compassion. Through KidSpirit, Skyler spoke on a panel at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah on the importance of youth involvement in change making. She was featured on the Garrison Institute Podcast for her work surrounding youth involvement in discussions around climate change. Additionally, Skyler was a documentary finalist in the All American High School Film Festival. She also serves as a Volunteer Ambassador for Be the Match: City of Hope. Skyler has a passion for exploring the opportunities and challenges technological innovation such as AI and VR/AR can offer education, specifically exploring the ethics and potential policies around technology that affect youth.