Digitally Connected

Digitally Connected (visit also: is a collaborative initiative between UNICEF and the Berkman Klein Center building upon a multi-year partnership for analyzing digital and social media growth and trends among children and youth globally.

The Digitally Connected project is divided into three main areas:

  1. Research and activities
  2. Events (see Harvard, Argentina, Chile)
  3. Network building (see global network participants or Latin America network participants)

Fore more detailed and up-to-date information, please visit the Digitally Connected website:

[Last updated January 10, 2017] Currently featuring:

  • Digital Champions — shining a spotlight on young people with disabilities who are using the Internet and digital technologies for empowerment.
  • [In Spanish] Forthcoming book “Youth, Digital Transformation, and Forms of Inclusion in Latin America. We currently haven an open call — inviting the academic community, professionals, youth, civil society, activists, philanthropists, and government officials — for abstracts (500 words max.). Visit also: and visual art (photos, drawings, paintings, collages, infographics, and/or comics) submissions.