Gang Violence and Social Media

Youth Behaviors Online: How Youth Access and Share Information in Communities Affected by Gang Violence. The latest Youth and Media project aims to understand how violence might impact youth online behavior and practices. Preliminary data suggests that the community context appears to influence what information is relevant to youth, how information is shared, and how youth relate that information to maintaining safety. Building off of these preliminary findings, the Youth and Media team intends to initiate a deep dive research study to better understand how at-risk youth in Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles relate to peers, present their identities, and engage with information — particularly information related to their neighborhoods and/or communities — online.

See also: Cortesi, S., Haduong, P., Gasser, U., & Beaton, M. (2013, October 18). Youth news perceptions and behaviors online: How youth access and share information in a Chicago community affected by gang violence. Berkman Klein Center Research Publication No. 2013-19.