Hate Speech Online

This initiative leverages the Berkman Klein Center’s national and global networks and takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary, tripartite approach to the issue of youth-oriented online hate speech. The initiative approaches hate speech broadly, encompassing but not limited to attacks on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, and histories of violence. The initiative consists of three interconnected components:

  1. Research: The first component of the initiative is in-depth research that addresses myriad questions about youth-oriented online hate speech, including:  What is hate speech? How does it function online? How does it differ from cyberbullying or trolling? How does it impact youth and their communities? How can it be effectively mitigated and prevented?
  2. Curriculum development: Building off that all-important final question, the second component is a collaborative effort to develop curricula and learning modules that will empower youth to react effectively to online hate while fostering more resilient and tolerant communities.
  3. Stakeholder engagement: The third component involves the creation of a thematic advocacy network of experts, educators, practitioners, and ambassadors that will work together to counter and prevent hate speech.

The Berkman Klein Center welcomes collaborators from academia, government, industry, and beyond, including the general public.